Here are the publicly available projects I'm working on. When possible, these link to my site for binaries. Some of these only have GitHub pages. I have attempted to mark things I consider inactive as such here; a number of these were superseded by me discovering someone else's project. Others were simply abandoned. Newer stuff is generally at the bottom.

Project Description
Libaudioverse Supersedes Camlorn_audio. This is intended to be my cross-platform 3D and environmental audio library, and it's already got quite a bit of flexibility. Think Web Audio outside the browser; even the API looks similar. This is not yet ready for release, but it is close and getting closer every day.
Unspoken Use 3D audio through headphones to greatly enhance your NVDA experience.
Camlorn_audio 3D audio using OpenAL, primarily intended to be used from Python. Now superseded by Libaudioverse; this never worked well for a variety of reasons, half of which weren't my fault.
Clang_helper Extract information from C source files. This was written before I knew about pycparser, but works well enough to automatically pull info out of OpenAL headers.