Where from here?

So, what's next. I just started us off with a post about setting up a web server with almost no knowledge (I now have knowledge--that's why i didn't go with a managed solution of some sort). There's no real defined topic yet, so I'd like to go ahead and do that here.

First and foremost, I intend to shortly start learning OpenAL--I suspect that the basics aren't really that hard--in the preparation for the creation of audiogames. For those who don't know, these are thought of as "Games for the blind", though that description has proven itself to be a lie--Papa Sangre was an audiogame and, the problems I had aside [ref]The game attempts to appeal to the sighted and blind players are a minority, or at least that was the intent, so it's far, far too easy for me[/ref], was popular, so far as I can tell, among the sighted as well. I don't have a link to that at the moment.

I'll probably also post stuff about books, and intend to blog from the Guide Dog school this summer when I get my next guide dog. I'll probably compile some useful info of some sort later, related to guide dogs and blindness in addition to the primary topic of programming. I've considered opening up the doors to those who want to ask me specific questions about being a blind college student, but this is a ways off yet.

And, for something interesting, which everyone who likes sci-fi should read--we can't have these boring blog posts without a random link after all: Fine Structure. That's free, by the way.